"Therapy isn't curing somebody of something; it is a means of helping a person explore himself, his life, his consciousness." - Rollo May 

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is one of many wonderful journeys one can take with another fellow human. It is a journey of partnership that is built on compassion, respect, collaboration, communication, and most importantly, the shared commitment for growth. This journey thrives on a great therapeutic relationship and leads individuals to many goals in their lives such as living the life to full potential, enjoying relationships with others, accomplishing their personal and professional goals, and appreciating the beauty of life and oneself. 

Psychotherapy is for individuals like you, those who have it within them to prioritize healing, create an authentic “self” and strengthen their relationships but just need some support to get there. Throughout the journey, you will not only learn helpful tools and skills to navigate your difficulties but also explore and expand your perspectives and understanding of yourself and the world around you. Individuals who benefit from psychotherapy often describe that they have learned how to become their best friend and advocate for themselves. 

It has been a great pleasure  and honor to witness many of my clients’ transformation and what they have achieved in their journeys with me. Their strengths, commitment, and courage always inspire me and I am grateful for the trust that they have given to me in their journey with me. 

Please allow me the honor of being part of your journey of healing and growth.

Clinical Specialty Areas

I love working with clients on many different clinical issues. Also, these are my specialty areas with expertise. To learn more about each area, please click the area of your interest. 


Do you feel tense and worried? Can’t shut your mind off? Are you having trouble with sweating, dizziness, trembling, or a rapid heartbeat? Learn More 


Have you gone through life event(s) that continue to bother you? Do you experience intense feelings and body responses about certain things that make you avoid people, places, or situations? Learn More


Are you currently going through some transitional situations in your life (changes in job or school, ending or starting a relationship, moving, new family members)? Do you find yourself struggling with adjusting to the new changes in your life?  Do you experience a burn out and would like some help? Learn More 


Are you experiencing challenges in exploring and understanding your personal identity related to who you are and how you interact with the world around you? Do you find yourself struggling to better connect with your loved ones, family members, or friends who share different cultural backgrounds than yours?  Learn More